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Do you want to build your own online learning courses using Lectora? Personal classes are conducted by the hour using an online meeting environment.
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Coaching For Improved Performance
One-Time, One-Person Viewing Online Learning Course. Approximately 45 minutes
Today's environment is moving away from the traditional management style to that of a coaching style. This course provides a hands on approach to learning how to coach using one of your employees. At the end of the course you will have a completed Coaching Sheet to utilize.
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Seven Lessons To Learn From Great Salespeople
One-Time, One-Person Viewing Online Learning Course. Approximately 30 minutes
In this course we discuss the concept that we are all in sales. How to apply the seven lessons at whatever you do and quickly build and maintain strong relationships.
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One-Time, One-Person Viewing Online Courses
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Specialty Items
Basic Car Maintenance For The New Driver
Available For Order On CD
The audience for this course is the new driver or single woman. Driving a car is an exciting experience, but one that requires a certain amount of responsibility. This course provides information about how to take care of your car. Understanding some automotive basics will help keep your car running and keep you safe.