Interactive Learning Consultants is a full service e-learning provider. We specialize in
developing visually appealing, results orientated, E-Learning solutions
and provide you an easy
affordable method for delivery and tracking with our online library
My Interactive Learning

We understand how valuable effective learning is for any business, and stand strongly behind
our number one goal which is to assist you in increasing your business’s revenues through our
interactive learning solutions.

We are a service provider with integrity and a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction
saving our planet!

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What makes us different?
Anyone can create a PowerPoint Presentation or learn how to use E-Learning development
software - it looks great, it has all the "fancy moves" - but employees walk away from our
courses with more knowledge than when they sat down!

That's what makes us different!
At Interactive Learning Consultants the most essential part of our design and development
process is communication with you, our customer.

We start off all projects by completing a comprehensive full needs analysis to determine how
we can leverage e-learning to best meet your needs.

We then partner with you to formulate a comprehensive plan with 3 goals in mind: Motivating
employees; Providing what they need to learn; and ensuring comprehension.

Using proven learning theory, we are able to guide your employee's learning to new levels of
How We Do Business
About Us
Owned and operated within the U.S.A.
Not offshore - Support America’s economy